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I am active in the executive recruitment business since the early 90s. Before founding dk, I have been working for the largest global consultancies, starting and managing their Polish operations. The Polish market has developed tremendously since then, and so has our company. With accelerating change, innovation is called for, which is our strength, as is our rigorous recruitment process and our awesome customer service. 

For a psychologist like myself, executive consulting is a perfect fit. After all, identifying and assessing talent requires a good understanding of how behaviour and attitude translate into performance, of what makes people tick and how they will fit in with a given organisation and its culture. My job as partner at dk requires me to manage the operations of our firm. This has given an additional dimension to the work I do for clients.

Looking back at two decades of recruiting in several industries and sectors, on many levels, for organisations of all sizes, I can confidently say that understanding the client and his requirements is the single most important factor in a recruitment project. Coupled with a methodical approach and a relentless effort to deliver, it will result in a successful execution. This is what our clients want and this is what I am committed to deliver. 

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