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Digital Network Cables


IT is blending with Digital and e-Commerce.

The process has started years ago, as IT players have begun to offer services in addition to their traditional business of selling hardware (which has largely become commodity).


Today the old distinctions are blurred. Is Amazon an e-Commerce, IT, or a Digital Services company? Isn't it possible for Google to become a transportation company with its driverless cars? 


e-Commerce is now mainstream and digital

is permeating every aspect of every business. Thus, the availability of digital services is essential for the whole economy. Not only business relies on digital - so does the public sector.


We have been working for the largest IT and telecommunication companies since they started their operations in Poland. Today we are also working for the burgeoning e-Commerce sector. With us, you get the whole picture.

Image by Silviu Beniamin Tofan
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