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Managing Director/Sales

Office furniture manufacturer

The Position


In spite of its leading market position the Company still has immense international market potential. Therefore, the shareholders have decided to appoint a top-class executive with the mission to introduce a strategy aimed at using the Company’s potential to assure further profitable growth. The new Managing Director Sales should be a successful, inspirational leader with a strong commercial acumen, and an expert who will enhance the organisational processes and accelerate business performance.


The company’s goal is to achieve PLN 450 m - 500m (over EUR 100m) revenue in 2023 and to continue a smooth and profitable growth in the following years.  

The sales growth strategy should be achieved through:

    • further international expansion (trough distribution network)

    • development of new market segments, in addition to the office market (i.e airports, hotel chains,

      restaurants, gas stations, etc.)

    • using Client’s sales power on American and Asia/ Pacific’s markets 

    • using synergies resulting from being part of one of the largest international players 

    • embarking on e-commerce (based on a concept of renting acoustic pods for public places/ the company

     already built an application for the reservation of pods, with an online payment system, however the project      has not yet been launched.)


The new Managing Director Sales will run a sales team consisting of 90 people in the following units:

    • Domestic Sales (Sales Unit with 5 Account Managers + Sales Support Unit)

    • International Sales (Sales Unit with 7 Export Managers and 2 Business Development Managers

      in the subsidiary in US + Sales Support Unit)

    • Logistics (Delivery + Finished Product Warehouse + Installation and Service, and potentially
      a Customer Service Unit in case of changes in the company structure)


In case of a candidate with a good track record in marketing, the Board would consider the option to extend the scope of responsibilities of the position of Managing Director Sales to:

    • Marketing 

    • Product Development 

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Full P&L responsibility for Client’s distribution company

  • Develop and review various sales and market strategies, such as infrastructure plans, channel relationships, Global Account Management opportunities, Architechture&Design partnerships so as to increase Client’s sales and profitability in Poland and in international markets

  • Lead the operationalization of sales and market strategies, such as the implementation of pricing strategies, marketing communications, discovery process of target accounts and ensure that the sales team adopt the right pricing matrix so as to enhance Client’s sales and profitability 

  • Develop strategies and action plans on indirect accounts partnership such as Architecture&Design  firms,  real  estate  companies,  developers and project management companies

  • Conduct regular review of all financial results and provide insights of cash flow, expenses and debt collection in order to achieve financial goals through effective leadership of financial-related implementation plans

  • Introduce a work culture based on KPI’s and numbers (total sales, revenue on each client, sales margin/ profitability on each client and on sales channels, sales and cash flow forecasting etc)

  • Interface with the factories (in Poland, Lodz) or worldwide to resolve sales issues and build awareness between sales and operations

  • Facilitate strategic planning and ongoing sales update meetings with Domestic Sales and International Sales Managers (based in Poland) and with Business Development Managers on international markets

  • Participate in strategic planning meetings and leadership workshops as a regional leadership team member to contribute to Client’s regional business strategies

  • Build and maintain understanding of the market, key decision makers in the client base to broaden Company’s presence on international markets

  • Communicate and position Company as a valued workplace strategy partner to key clients

Internal Contacts:

  • Board of Company- VP/GM 

  • Sales, Regional/Sub-Regional Managing Directors, GSMs, 

  • Sales Managers, Regional Customer Operation and supporting members of various programs, policies and services

External Contacts:

  • Clients, Architectural & Design community, Suppliers, Local Agencies 

Professional experience:

  • Minimum of 8 years’ experience in sales and/or marketing with 5 years’ of general management experience

  • Experience in managing multiple distribution channels (experience in sales through distributors, but not through buying groups, combined with experience in B2B or B2B2C sales is necessary, experience in online sales will be an advantage)  

  • Experience in the office furniture or related industry (e.g. - production and distribution companies from the construction industry selling through distributors and architecture & design partnerships)

  • Experience in running sales, both on international as well as on domestic market 

  • Experience in managing a company with high pace of innovation, growth, and change 

  • Team management experience (90 people or more)

  • P&L responsibility


  • In-depth understanding of how other departments contribute to overall business.

  • comprehensive knowledge of the industry in order to contribute to commercial objectives, 

  • enabling a company to differentiate itself from the competition.


  • Building Credibility

  • Building Talent

  • Change Leadership

  • Collaboration

  • Cross-Cultural Sensitivity

  • Customer Focus    

  • Decision Making

  • Global Perspective

  • Inspiring & Motivating Others

  • Networking/Relationship Management

  • Results Orientation

  • Entrepreneurial drive and unconstrained business curiosity

  • Open-minded and out-of-the-box

  • Analytical mind

  • Strong persuasive skills and intellectual insight

  • Integrity, gravity and the highest level of professional ethics.


  • Polish and English (in case of foreign candidates only English) 


  • Bachelor’s Degree / Master’s Degree

Location: Łódź

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